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I am newbie when it comes to the Pretty Little Liars series and have never heard of this series until I first saw the promo to television series…

This is my first television review. I hope that you will all enjoy this.

Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk

Pretty Little Liars premiered tonight on
ABC Family Channel.
June 8th 2010

Theme song: Secrets by The Pierces

Meet The Ladies of Rosewood

Don’t Trust Me is playing out the background while it was a dark and stormy night. Four friends are sitting around and hear a noise. They get up and head over to see who it is…

Cue Alison. Girls screamed as Ally jumps out in front of them.

“Friends keep secrets… that are what keeps up close.” says Alison.

The next shot is one of the friends wake up. “Where are Ali and Spencer?”

Spencer walks into the guest house and tells us the friends Ali’s gone and she’s looked everywhere for Ally. Spencer thinks she heard a scream.

One year later. . . . .

Seems like that girls are not the only one that have been keeping secrets… Ali has still been missing and Aria returns with her family and move back into town.

Aria hooks up with a stranger who shockingly turns out to be her new English teacher. *GASP*  And what is even more shocking is that Aria after she discovers who her new teacher is, immediately after, Aria receives a text from “Ali”

I am impressed with the awesome job with the storyline and fresh new talent these girls have. The performances rock and love the mystery that surrounds the girls.

Definitely look forward to unraveling the mystery of behind Ali’s disappearance and murder. The foursome girls all have secrets that they would rather not the world know about it and major props to the writer for giving us the chance by letting us know bit by bit about the characters secrets. Pretty Little Liars is definitely not people of all ages.

With that said can I say that I loved that kiss between Ezra and Aria.

Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna all have done things that would shock many.

Questions I thought of…
Who the hell was Ali?
Why was she the way she was?
Whose life did she push too far for Ali to lose her life like this?
What else has Hanna’s mother done to protect her?
Who’s Jenna?
And finally if Ali is really dead… Then who is behind the notes and text messages.

What an awesome way to end the premiere with this quote:

I’m still here, bitches and I know everything.

I rate tonight episode a 4 out of 5 Pinkys

Songs played in tonight’s episode:
Artist: 3OH!3
Song: "Don't Trust Me"

Artist: Colbie Caillat
Song: "I Won’t"

Artist: Ben's Brother
Song: "Beauty Queen"

Artist: The Fray
Song: "Happiness"

Artist: Mozella
Song: "More Of You"

Artist: Michael Rossback
Song: "When Love Goes Well"

Artist: Overnight Lows
Song: "I Got Up"

Artist: Orelia
Song: "Suggestions"

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sarah on March 9, 2011 at 9:34 AM said...

I'm just like you I have not been able to see the show to much due to my hours at work. So I'm some what a newbie to all of it as well. I just got TV everywhere from DISH and I'm happy to say I have the chance now to catch up on the new and old shows. Working for DISH is a benefit because I was able to learn about TV everywhere. I'm really excited to see Pretty Little Liars more and LIVE!

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