Winners Annoucement -- Did you win??

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So very sorry for the delay. Anyway, here are the list of winners posted below!

The winner of the choose your book (The Iron King or The Body Finder) is...


For The Body Finder Gift Pack giveaway.

The Three winners of the signed poster and book marks are:
mBlogger, Brodie and Kate

The Grand Prize winner is....


Congratulations to the winners...

Please send me a email at
theteenchannelreviews at gmail dot com
with your addresses and on the subject line the book or prize you've won.

Thanks to you all for making this awesome!

I will be adding a new giveaway this weekend. So please get your top three choices.. You never know, you just might win them.

Book Review: Extreme Makeover by Henry Melton

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Extreme Makeover by Henry Melton
July 2008
YA Science Fiction
Ebook & Paperback, 336 pages
ISBN: 0980225329
ISBN13: 9780980225327
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Book provided by author for this book review

Book Description:

High school senior Deena Brooke struggled to make sense of the impossible changes to her body, grateful for the interest Luther Jennings had in her puzzling insights and quirky urges, until she discovered that he was hiding a deadly secret of his own. What could she do about this unseen influence that was changing her into something else, and was Luther helping her or dragging her into his criminal scam?
Henry Melton, who brought you the award-winning Emperor Dad, crafts a tale of invasive nanobots with an alien agenda in the the dark towering redwood forests of far northern California.


My Thoughts

On what was suppose to be ordinary school field trip; Deena Brooke has an accident that changes her life forever. It doesn't help Deena having to deal with her overprotective mother. Yet despite the changes and a smothering mother, she befriends the mysterious new guy Luther Jennings. Deena has no clue the she isn't the only one good at keeping secrets.

Extreme Makeover is a heck of a lot more than just the changes Deena Brooke is going through. This tale has all the makings of movie on the big screen. There's little aliens, mobsters, car chases and no one is really who they pretend to be.

The mini romantic moments between Luther and Deena are just perfect. They make each other want to lose control when they get together on their road trip. It’s true what they; guys love to make good girls go bad.

Luther has kept himself two steps ahead of the dangerous men out to get him. He didn’t count on befriending loner Deena Brooke. He doesn’t want to make any connection with anyone but it may just be too late for that as he fights and defends the girl who soon becomes more than he ever wanted. She is nothing like any girl he has ever met before.

There is just nothing that will make Deena turn away from Luther. She knows that whatever fate has in store for them will be worth it.

The secondary characters mix well with the leading female/male characters. Just like the tiny little aliens in Extreme Makeover. These aliens make their presence known; whether the host wants to hear them or not.

Extreme Makeover started off slow but this just a ploy of seduction created by the author. And won’t let you let go until you become hooked.

I want; I really want to write more. I just cannot. Extreme Makeover is just something you have to read for yourself so you can see how wonderful this tale is.

Extreme is a love story with characters that are tired of hiding out and realize what they stand to lose if they don’t make a stand.

I rate Extreme Makeover 4 PinKs.

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